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The Henry Surtees Trophy
Unique all-comers event to showcase best of British talent.
A new karting event backed by Motorsport News will give young British karters the opportunity to compete against some of the best drivers in motorsport.
The Henry Surtees Trophy will take place at Buckmore Park on Thursday 20 October and is seeking to attract drivers from all classes of motorsport who are aged 16 and over.
The event, organised by former F1 world champion John Surtees, will provide the top six drivers with some of the best prizes ever offered at a UK kart meeting.
Entry for the meeting will cost £500 and will showcase a broad spectrum of motorsport talent. Drivers from single-seater formulas, touring and sportscar classes will share the track in the all-comers event. Drivers must hold an MSA licence or be a member of Club 100. There will be a maximum entry of 140 drivers.
Surtees, who set up the Henry Surtees Foundation in memory of his son, said: “Our event is there to give racers at varying levels of their development the chance to come together on similar karts at one of the most testing and exciting kart circuits in the country. The prizes are career enhancing, as will be the experience of competing against some of the best drivers in Britain. It will be competitive and there will be some great racing on show. It should be enjoyable for all involved.”
Organisers have brought in Club 100 series promoter John Vigor to help run the event. Vigor has helped create affordable, competitive karting through his Club 100 series and by using karts that are level in terms of performance he reckons the event will provide a level playing field.
“The karts we use in Club 100 are equal in performance,” said Vigor. “They are all within three tenths of a second of each other over a full race length. It is a very simple set-up with no clutch, complex electrics or over complicated carburettors. This way we are able to maintain and publicise ourselves as the most equal racing championship in the country and as the perfect choice for an event like this. An event like this needs to be fair, so this is the ideal option.”
Drivers wanting to take part in the event should call 01634 201 562.
All the money from the event will go towards the Henry Surtees Foundation.