John enjoys an excellent working relationship with BMW Mobile Tradition, the famous marque's 'working' museum in Munich. Over the years he has driven the museum's Goertz-styled 507 Coupe in classic car rallies and carried out track tests on the Mille Miglia BMW 328s.

He has also restored - and demonstrated all over the world - the only remaining example of the 1939 TT-winning Type 255 Kompressor as ridden by Georg (Schorsch) Meier.

The machine is now in the safekeeping of the Mobile Tradition.

In his personal collection are a 1954 500cc Rennsport and a BMW 507 which he acquired soon after winning his first motorcycle World Championship on an MV Agusta. The car was paid for in part by a grateful Count Domenico Agusta.

Picture: Surtees behind the wheel of the BMW Mobile Tradition's BMW 328 Roadster at The Nürburgring