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INSIDE LINE: John Surtees' Weblog


Learning Curve which way?
Too many formulas, too little money, a familiar cry from karting to GP2. World Series by Renault, Masters and British Formula 3 are part of the picture that has seen depleted entries and late season cut price deals being the norm except for the top teams.
The removal of empty property rate relief
If one is trying to conduct a business, particularly in these difficult economic times, you would like to think the government and local authorities were in touch.
Letter sent to Newspaper
I was dismayed at the lack of media interest of the first signs of a resurgence of riders from this country being competitive at the highest world championship level in MotoGP. It is fair to say that British riders at one time dominated the world championships but sadly that became a thing of the past.
Looking back to 2007 and forward to 2008
2007 must be looked upon as a good one for British motorsport. A British based manufacturer didn’t win the Formula One World Championship, with Renault losing that title to Ferrari.